Brecht is a Dutch composer, producer and a pianist. She is the owner of Studio Brecht, a professional recording studio in Almere (70m2). She gives recitals and lectures about music, relaxation and concentration. She is creating a platform for relaxation with repetitive music and painted pictures: PAINTED REALITY/SpringtoSpring.

Brecht studied both piano and oboe at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht. She is inspired by works of great composers such as J.S. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. She is also passionate about pop and dance music.

Brecht combines music with her images of collections of daily things. Her music is melodic and repetitive. The images use the same rhythm, structure and colours as the music.


Brecht gives lectures about music, relaxation and concentration, always combined with a recital.

Recently Brecht gave a recital in Princeton on the grand piano of Albert Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (USA) and a concert in New York.

Brecht has played in The Concertgebouw, Vredenburg, De Doelen and Carré as a soloist and as a accompanist. She has played in classical orchestras with famous conductors such as Richard Duffalo and Peter Eotvos.

She worked with famous Dutch pop musicians such as Henny Vrienten and Willeke Alberti. She played earlier in a band with Edwin Schimscheimer and Marcel Fisser and she’s playing since 2001 in the Morvan Stock Band. Nowadays she is playing with Sander van Herk (guitar) and Stephan Wienjus (bass guitar). They both played in the famous band “Het Goede Doel”.

As an artistic producer Brecht developed cross-over performances for “Het Stedelijk Museum”, “De Nederlandse Filmdagen”, and “Het Nederlands Filmmuseum”. She participated in various Radio- and TV programs (Het Uur van de Wolf).

Brecht has recorded classical and pop solo piano CD’s in The Wisseloordstudio’s and in Stustustudio. Currently she is recording the piano-repertoire of Janáček and she’s producing dance-production with additional images. With van Herk and Wienjus she is recording a CD with Dutch Songs.


Leoš Janáček is one of Brecht’s favorite composers. In 2020 she will give recitals with poetry of Pia de Jong, writer and columnist of the “NRC”.


Brecht, Wienjus and Van Herk work together as musicians/producers. Wienjus and Van Herk were members of the famous band: “Het Goede Doel”. Sander van Herk is a fantastic guitar player and producer, and Stephan Wienjus is an excellent bass-guitar and double bass player in the prestigious orchestra “The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra”.


Brecht is an experienced piano teacher for advanced students. She got high degrees in didactics en methodology at the conservatory in both oboe and piano. She also gives lessons to professional concert pianists. Brecht is a member of NOBCO*, the association for professional post HBO coaches. (*The NOBCO is held to an ethical code.)

IDEAS: Freedom of thought, discipline and concentration

Brecht is interested in freedom of thought, discipline and concentration. When regular patterns alternate with minor irregularities, this can provide beauty and peace. Consequently she incorporates this into her compositions. From an early age she has been intrigued by all sorts of movements in dance, music, images and texts.


At the age of 5 Brecht took her first piano and ballet lessons. After passing her VWO exam, Brecht studied both piano and oboe at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht. She attended lessons in arranging and conducting at the conservatory of Amsterdam. She has a professional education in producing music with Pro Tools.


Brecht studied piano with Ton Hartsuiker, he was the director of the conservatories of Utrecht and Amsterdam and he was a specialist in modern music. She also studied with Alan Weiss, who was a laureate of the Elisabeth competition. She followed masterclasses with Ivan Movarec, Peter Feuchtwanger, Pascal Rogé and Edith Picht-Axenfeld. In 2018 she attended a masterclass at The School of Juilliard in New York with Joel Smirnoff.

Brecht studied oboe with Ernest Rombout and Jan Spronk, who was the first oboist of The Concertgebouw Orchestra.